Teeth Whitening Centres

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          Natural teeth fall into this shade range so
you can see the difference or shade
changes that teeth may undergo.

vita shade Guide







One Hour System

Tetracycline staining...the hardest to
change 12 shade changes up the scale.


image 0005


One Hour System
12 shade changes up the scale

Image 00013

Image 00015

scale 3

Day White System
6 shade changes up the scale in 3 weeks


Image 0005

Scale 1

One Hour System
8 shade changes up the scale

Photo 1a

Photo 1b


Cracks whitened and Stains removed
One Hour System

photo 2a

Photo 2b

Scale 4

One Hour System

photo 3a

Photo 3b


One Hour System
Old fillings won’t whiten so they have to be replaced after whitening

Photo 4a

photo 4b

Scal e 5

One Hour System
One Hour System 9 shade changes up the scale    

Photo 5a

Photo 5b


"I never knew it could be this good, my teeth changed by 8 shades and I did not know how it had affected my life until I started smiling again and it happened in just one hour."

-- Karen Hall, NZ