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Latest New Whitening Sensation in New Zealand

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Supreme Whitening centres is glad to announce that it is the exclusive whitening studio of the whiter smile system in Wellington

Whiter smile has shown itself to be one of the fastest growing whitening systems in New Zealand. It has carried out more than 2300 whitening procedures over just 6 months alone in Auckland and has a customer base which is more than satisfied with the results

Supreme Dental Studios are able to deliver you inexpensive whitening at two handy locations...see our contacts page


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 Satisfaction Survey Results    






"Fantastic, didn’t realise how enjoyable it could be visiting a dentist. Great vibe, awesome!"


"Thank you – particularly for the clean and information. Go Well."


"Very pleasant experience, excellent value for money + great advice."

"Loved the little touches!! Neck pillow, made such a difference and the DVD!!! Laughing "

"Most careful dentist ever. It was the most painless cleaning I’ve ever had. Thanks."

"Thank you for the opportunity! I’ve been wanting my teeth whitened for years but the price has been my barrier."


"Great atmosphere, great people perfect location. My first visit to your practice, I’ll be back."


"Very good & toni was great!"


"Everything was good. Thank you very much."


"TV was great thanks, very attentive staff."


"I never knew it could be this good, my teeth changed by 8 shades and I did not know how it had affected my life until I started smiling again and it happened in just one hour."

-- Karen Hall, NZ